Sunday, May 20, 2007

Paris Hilton

I don't write a lot of stuff about celebrities in my blog, except when I'm talking about a movie I saw. But here begins my rant on the big joke known as Paris Hilton.

Her sentence of 45 days has just been cut to 23 days "for good behavior". What kind of bullshit is this? She broke the law (twice), she's still partying, she's late for her hearings, and now her jail time is cut because of good behavior? Maybe there's a sex tape with Paris and the judge. Whoever ruled on this is on some serious sort of drugs and should be sentence himself (or herself) to the missing 23 days in jail.

Equally sad are the pathetic people who are still on the side of "the heiress". People actually look up to this lame excuse for a human being and think she shouldn't even serve ANY jail time. Well good, next time she's out drinking and driving (which should be about one day after she's released) maybe we'll have her hit and kill somebody and see where that leads.

I used to think the laws in Canada were a joke but it looks like the Americans are giving us some competition. And to think one day she's going to inherit the Hilton empire. Sad sad sad.

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