Saturday, May 05, 2007


Blog about hockey coming up, my American friends can stop reading...

It has been one hell of a playoffs this year. Two absolutely amazing performances by goaltenders this year has resulted in their teams being eliminated. First there was Marty Turco, who had three shutouts in one series. Unfortunately his Dallas Stars also lost 4 to the Canucks.

And then there was Roberto Luongo. Now most of my friends and coworkers know that I am not a Canucks fan. Rather, I am not a bandwagon jumper that cheers just because a team is winning. I was, am, and always will be a Montreal Canadiens fan. But that's not that point. Luongo's performance for the Canucks in the regular seasons was nothing short of phenomenal. But what he did in the playoffs was beyond mind-boggling. He singlehandedly kept the Canucks within sight of the Cup. And it was sad to see how it all ended, by a fluke goal in double overtime. Nevertheless, I want to say to Mr. Luongo: You have shown me what hard work is. Your work ethic and obvious love of the game should be a testament to everyone, and not just in hockey or sports. The guy never wants to take a break. Anybody who says anything remotely bad about your performance should get his or her head examined. Without you, the Canucks would be in last place.

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