Sunday, April 08, 2007

...let me count the ways

The week from hell will be over shortly. What was supposed to be four days of 2:30pm supervising shifts became a plethora of start times that would make grown men cry. Let us summarize:

Original Schedule:

Thursday April 5: 2:30pm
Friday April 6: 2:30pm
Saturday April 7: 2:30pm
Sunday April 8: 2:30pm

But Thursday I was awakened to be told that I would be working the graveyard managing shift instead, 9 hours later. This created a problem for Friday, as I would be back to work 7 hours 15 minutes after I got off work. Yes, it's "illegal" but I thought just this once, it's no big deal. Even though I was sick (but not as sick as the managers that called in sick!) I could handle it. And so I struggled on Friday, surviving on my can of Red Bull. I got home and it wasn't so bad.... except Saturday I was called to do the same thing again... another manager called in. Now as much as I love my job, I couldn't do the 2:30pm on Sunday. Luckily we decided on a 7pm start instead. I won't even begin to talk about some of the problems we had tonight, maybe another post. And now, my Neo Citran is almost finished so good night all. Happy Easter and all that.

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