Wednesday, April 11, 2007

...(I forgot the third line)

It wasn't that it was a tough day at work as much as it was a frustrating day at work yesterday. It was a matter of dealing with the staff that wanted to go home early. Normally there is no problem with this; it all depends on how busy the casino is and if I feel (as floor manager) that I can close a table to send somebody home.

It was that one of the supervisors wanted to go home because she "just had surgery and she forgot to bring her painkillers". First of all, is she telling the truth? It gets to a point at work when I take every statement with a grain of salt. She could just as easily have said she "forgot to turn the iron off". Added to that, there were other people ahead of her on the list who always said "they weren't feeling well". Granted, she did look to be in pain, but then again, we have some great actors and actresses at work. Against my better judgement, I did send her home.

Then a dealer works no more than 30 minutes before she suddenly decides she wants to throw up because of food poisoning (because she ate some bad cake). So little by little, the staff disappears well before the end of the night. Meanwhile, I've been sick for two weeks practically unable to talk, taking shit from anyone and everyone.

"Calgon, take me away"

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