Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Time to Rise

What better way to drown my sorrows then to go downtown watch one of my favorite movies this year, Star Wars Episode III. Of course my heart wasn't into the movie, but I still enjoyed it. In fact (corny statements ahead), I began to relate to Anakin Skywalker's character. He started off as a cute little kid but was seduced by The Dark Side. I'm not saying that I have a desire to build a Death Star, but I think that in order for me to succeed at my job (and in life) I do need a little bit of "The Dark Side" in me. I have been cursed with being "a nice guy" all these years, and at times I think it hurts me. In business, in life, and heck, even in poker, a little bit of dishonesty (for lack of a better word) is necessary. And so I must learn from this setback and carry on.

I don't hate any of the people who got the promotion. If anything, I hate myself because the top of the mountain was within reach. But I couldn't quite get there this time. But as they say, life goes on.

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