Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm Not Drunk

Tonight there was a dinner for Rommel, one of the shift managers at the casino who was transferring to Richmond (and eventually Coquitlam). The dinner was at 8pm and I had a shift at work at 11:15pm. Well, it's a dinner and of course at a dinner you have to have a few drinks. As much as I'd love to have gotten disgustingly drunk, I had to work and of course it wouldn't look too good if I went to the casino totally hammered. So I'd decided to have a half-glass of wine and once about 9:30 rolled around I'd stop drinking. Things were going great until around 9:15 when I realized that somebody filled up my damn wine glass. And since it's rude not to drink all the wine in one's glass, I took a chance and drank it all...before 9:30. Now the fun face was quite red (it's a Chinese thing, my face gets VERY red after just a few drinks even if I am absolutely conscious and sober). Unfortunately I'd probably get in shit if I went to work with a red face. So for the next hour or so, in between some yummy Chinese dishes, I drank tea, and more tea, and more tea, then went to pee, came back and drank more tea. Somehow I managed to get to work with a decent-colored face (there was the headache but I could handle that). My head still hurts a little bit but at least I didn't get into trouble.

There will be another farewell thing in two weeks, this one is after work so I will get a chance to get terribly drunk. Somebody started a rumor that I would be dancing on the tables again......

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