Friday, April 09, 2010

Vegas 2010: Food

I had a variety of delicious eats at Vegas. The first night, Amy and I joined her godsister and boyfriend at Michael Mina (at the Bellagio). The chef Michael Mina has a number of restaurants in Vegas, and this one was called simply Michael Mina. Then again maybe it's called Michael Mina at the Bellagio. Amy had a lobster pot pie which had high marks for presentation and preparation. I opted for a nice 6 oz. American Kobe Beef. Both were delicious but of course for me, 6 oz. of beef is nowhere near enough. This was my overall observation of the restaurant; very nice atmosphere but the value was lacking.

For breakfast the next day the four of us went to J.J.'s Boulangerie at Paris. We had nice waffles and continued on with the day.

Night time was buffet time. We'd heard some good reviews about the Wynn Buffet so that was our destination. At a price tag of $34.95 I was hopeful that the food would be good and I was quite impressed. I don't usually go to buffets in Vegas because I guess I would rather have good, fresh food rather than pick from a large variety of not-so-fresh food. A prime rib just out of the roaster is amazing, but at a buffet that isn't the case. Nevertheless I liked everything. I had a few slices of prime rib plus some really good veal shortribs (my favorite) followed by some good creme brulee. It wasn't brilliant but it wasn't too bad.

Wednesday we woke up a bit later than usual and only had time for lunch at Caesar's, at a nice little cafe called Serendipity 3. I had a "Hangover Omelette" which had bacon, mushrooms, and fries. It came with a side of waffle fries (yup, that's fries and fries); Amy had a turkey and brie sandwich. It wasn't too bad.

At night we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Voodoo (at the Rio). Their menu had changed since my last visit. I remembered having a Wagyu Beef cut last time for $120 ($15 an ounce) but this time their best was a 8 oz. A5 Kobe New York for $80. It wasn't as delicious as the Wagyu but it wasn't bad. Amy had a yummy Filet Mignon.

There are a lot of other nice restaurants in Vegas I'd like to try. Is that a good enough excuse to visit again?

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