Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random English Questions

1) How do you pronounce Tsawwassen? I've always thought it was tah-WAH-sin but I've been told that it's the T that's silent as opposed to the S.

2) Why do you say "A History of Violence" but you also say "an historic era"? Shouldn't it be "a historic era"? This one really bugs me.

3) DISCLAIMER: Skip to step 4 if you don't like foul language... What is the past tense of "I shit in my pants"? Is it "I shot in my pants" or "I shat in my pants"? What about "shat"? I took a shit?

4) What rhymes with orange or month (or purple)?

5) The plural of the animal mouse is mice, it the plural of the computer mouse "mice" or "mouses"?

OK, now I need some sleep.

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Vicki said...

without the use of google, I would say:

1. T is silent (I hear it announced on the ferries all the time this way)

2. Either 'a' or 'an' can be used for history or historic. Interchangeable.

3. 'shit' is a slang, so there is no official past tense. I usually say 'shat' in this case.

4. no rhymes for any

5. computer mice, not mouses.

I love English.