Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I've Grown Really Tired of Hearing About 24/7

1) Michael Jackson: I've mourned his death but now I'm tired of the consistent reporting. Like him or not, let him rest in peace. Unfortunately the tabloids won't stop, the news reports won't stop, and the press won't stop. The funny thing is all this time nobody really "knew" about all these drug problems. What exactly has the media been doing the last few years? Their sources suck.

2) Jon & Kate: WHO CARES about these people so obviously exploiting the media for their own good? I truly feel sorry for the real victims in this, their eight children. I don't give a crap who's having an affair.

3) Brangelina: They're together, they're apart, they're together, they're apart. Once again, there are children at stake but of course that means nothing.

I wonder how long I have to wait before I can spend a whole week (heck, even one day) without hearing about these tired topics. Last I heard there were a few wars going on in the world, there is poverty and strife, but those don't mean anything anymore.

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