Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Boo Hoo Canucks

After a gallant season, the Canucks bowed out of the playoffs to the Chicago Blackhawks last night. Unfortunately, as usual, the city of Vancouver was quick to jump off the bandwagon as they always due. Blogs were already giving Luongo a hard time. This is Roberto Luongo, the hardest working hockey player by far, the one who came back from injury to lead the Canucks into the playoffs. This is Roberto Luongo, the goalie who can literally steal a game for Vancouver with death-defying saves. But of course as usual, the Vancouver press will have only bad things to say. Will anybody thank the Canucks for a memorable season (that includes the so-called fans)? No, because as usual they jump off the bandwagon. These are the same fans who had already given up on the Canucks in January. These are the same fans who had already given up after Game 4 because supposedly the Canucks didn't have the heart anymore. Well, enjoy the time off the bandwagon. Now at least the real fans in Detroit and Chicago will have something to cheer for.

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