Thursday, April 02, 2009

Vegas Recap

Well, that makes it 4 times in 10 months (and twice this year) that I've been to Vegas. While in the past I've spent most of my time gambling, these trips have been mostly about going to shows and fine dining. So for those thinking about going I present to you the best and worst. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

Best Show: It's a tough one. I've seen Donny and Marie three times now (and yes folks, the ticket was $260+ each time but the chance to meet and talk to one of the sexiest looking 49-year-old ladies in the world made it worthwhile) but I'd have to say the Danny Gans show at the Encore was awesome. He's that good.

Worst Show: Hands down it is Criss Angel's Believe. It doesn't help that before Joe and I watched the show we talked to ten people and they all said it was a bad show. It sucked. You could see the wires and to say it was a Cirque du Soleil show is an insult to Cirque du Soleil. Plus it's over $100. NO.

Best Afternoon Show (and Best Value): If you like magic, then go see the Mac King show. It's great value and the guy is pretty good too. It's a small theater but he's amazing with his closeup magic.

Best Food on a Budget: Fatburger of course! Well, not when Joe and I went. They do make the best burgers in Vegas and if you dare, join me as one of the elite who have eaten a Tripleking Burger (that's 1.5 pounds of meat! WOOOOOO!).

Favorite Steakhouse: Bally's Steakhouse, and make sure you ask for James because he's by far our favorite waiter. The restaurant has 50% off entrees if you get a coupon from Tix4Tonite, you can't beat that. By the way, when you go to Vegas always check out the Tix4Tonite booths for deals on shows.

Best View: While the view from the "fake" Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is nice, nothing beats going to the Voodoo Lounge at the Rio. It is 50 floors up and the patio has a panoramic view of Vegas. Simply breathtaking and great for taking princesses to.

Handy Airline Tips: On the third trip back from the airport, I inadvertantly left my bottled water in my carry-on, as well as a lighter that I was going to give as a souvenir. No no. On the last trip, Joe was worried about his Gillette Fusion blades that he bought. Those were OK, but unfortunately his bottle of Listerine was a weapon of mass destruction and had to be removed. Silly.

Most Beautiful 49-Year-Old: Oh I did that one already.

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