Friday, February 29, 2008


Today was my sightseeing day before the tournament, which starts tomorrow at 11am (8am for the Vancouverites). I stupidly wore my dress shoes (that's all I brought) and did a lot of walking which resulted in very tired feet as I write these words.

I started by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. For those of you who have walked across Cambie Bridge for whatever reason, the Brooklyn Bridge is about three or four times the size. And then I walked about 50 blocks to Times Square, taking in the sights and sounds of New York. As I neared Time Square I was reminded of the first time I flew into Vegas. And when I finally reached my destination I was awestruck. Wow. I never realized how big Times Square was. The lights were probably just as bright (if not brighter) than Vegas. I could spend two or three days here alone. Broadway had so many shows I wanted to see. I was impressed beyond belief.

As for the tournament itself, I am even more awestruck by the fact that I am entrant #688 out of an estimated 750 or so (so far). And I thought I was the only nerd. I don't know how many Canadians there are yet. Maybe I'll get a prize for that. I don't expect to be anywhere near the top but it's been an amazing experience that I will definitely repeat.


John said...


you didn't warn me about this ahead of time and i didn't have internet access of a decent nature so it's both our faults.

happy crossing...

Jason said...

One day you must make your way over to the Big Apple. It's amazing.