Friday, August 24, 2007


Today is Day 5 of my 6-day work week. We are so short that when one of the managers called in sick a couple of days ago, they called me in but unfortunately couldn't cover one of the days that I would need off. I'm not even complaining, as 6 days as a floor manager means a nice paycheque with the OT. Even though I'd gotten off work about 7 hours ago, and I'm going BACK to work about an hour from now (yup, 8 hours between shifts), I'm cool with it. I haven't seen the midshift staff in ages. It's also a bit less stressful on midshifts.

My work week has been challenging to say the least. During the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) we are always short. We only had 6 dealers coming into work at 6am, and at 5:30am there were 8 tables open. As it were, I had to keep two dealers for OT in the morning (yuk), but that's part of the game.

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