Monday, March 26, 2007

Return From Paradise

And so ends my short holiday in Portland. Actually I stayed in a town called Colton, about 30 minutes drive from Portland. It was up in the mountains and it was so peaceful. The back of the house overlooked a stream that is actually a waterfall in the spring as the snow melts. It was breathtaking and I miss it already. Thanks to my good friend Johnny and his wonderful grandmother for their hospitality.

Aside from the amazing view, I had a great time at Powell's City of Books (as I knew I would), that's a bloody big bookstore. I also had a nice walk downtown to check out the LV store, and buy See's candies for my Mom. No tax! And of course Johnny and I spent Saturday night at Chang's Mongolian Grill, all you can eat for $10.95. How can you beat that?

I need a holiday.

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