Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back from the Rock

It was a rather uneventful night at the Rock. I was sent there as an "extra" floor manager in anticipation of a busy Chinese New Year's Night, but it really wasn't as busy as it was expected to be. So I ended up doing some minor paperwork and did a lot of mindless roaming of the floor, saying hi to old acquaintances and introducing myself to new ones....

...and then I came back for two days off. Unfortunately on Monday they called me into work at the COB. Well that means a nice healthy paycheque next week. I anticipate about 48 hours, 8 of which will be at floor manager's rate. Can't complain.

I was home Tuesday morning at 9am or so (had drinks with coworkers after work) and slept until 4pm. I checked my email, watched some TV and then at around 6pm decided to take a nap for no apparent reason. I slept until 11:45pm and while this would normally screw up my sleep cycle, I decided NOT to get out of bed and tried to fall asleep. At around 1am I did...and woke up at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon! Wow, I haven't had a good sleep like that in a long time. As a result I went to work totally awake. I hope I can sleep like that next week on my days off (hopefully I get two this time).

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