Monday, October 17, 2005

Business Trip?

Only one more day until I sort of have 6 days off!??! On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, I will be attending a customer service training seminar at the River Rock Hotel. Being that they are VERY early in the morning (8am and 9am) I've decided to stay at the hotel Monday and Tuesday nights. Is it a waste of money ($99/night)? Perhaps, but I also consider it a mini-holiday so I can relax. Syama is also going and will be staying with me the first night. And no to whatever you're asking. Don't even bother asking.

After that I will have my regular days off on Thursday and Friday, followed by two "leave of absence" days. We are severely overstaffed as a result of the delay in the Boulevard Casino (Coquitlam) expansion. So in essence I have 6 days off from work. Considering the large amount of rookies we have, I'll be quite happy to be away from "the office".

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