Saturday, September 03, 2005

Red Eye

I went to visit my ex-boss today and afterwards decided to go to Metrotown for some shopping. I kept myself from buying more shirts and ties, even though I saw a beautiful one at Zara. Guess what color it was. Last week I managed to wear a pink tie (or a tie with pink in it somewhere) every day. Next week is gold/yellow, I'm not sure if I have enough ties with that color. We're going to try the orange/white shirt with a gold tie tomorrow (yes, I'm the man that dares to experiment).

Anyways, after shopping I decided to go back downtown and catch Red Eye. I didn't have high expectations for the movie, but Rachel McAdams was in it and that's a good enough reason to watch it. She's GORGEOUS with a capital G. I also saw the preview for Aeon Flux, starring my ex-girlfriend Charlize Theron.

Oh yeah, the movie (Red Eye) was OK. It was your standard thriller, but this time most of the action took place on a cramped airplane. I guess it would be really scary for claustrophobic people, but I found it average. But again, with Rachel McAdams in it, the movie became excellent!

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