Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Feeling Better

I had a great night at work (finally). They were playing awesome music that made me feel a lot better. I heard Dancing Queen (of course), YMCA, and a lot of 80's favorites. It put me into a good mood.

Then again, I received some bad news (sort of). Even though I was supposed to be off at 6:15am, I was needed in Coquitlam 9 hours later for a 3pm-11pm shift. Ouch. Not much time to sleep. Anyways, I requested to go home early and I managed to get sent home at 4:30am. Even though it's 5:40am now and I'm still awake, at least I can get some extra sleep (usually if I'm home at 6:30am I stay up for another hour or so).

Anyways, I guess it should be bedtime for me. At least I'll have two days off on Thursday and Friday as usual. These two days off are more than welcome for me after the weird week I've had.

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